Crediton & District Swimming Club’s revenue and sponsorships support: more swimmers and events, while driving our sport into the mainstream. Common support is not only provided by people who visit our Shop but also through financial support, sponsorships and donations.

A tax deductible donation to Crediton & District Swimming Club, a non-profit organisation that is chartered with helping all levels of swimmers achieve their dreams, will benefit both Crediton & District Swimming Club and further promote the sport of swimming.

For all donations, please write cheques to Crediton & District Swimming Club and forward to:

Crediton & District Swimming Club
Lords Meadow Leisure Centre
Commercial Road
EX17 1ER

Crediton & District Swimming Club and its members are actively seeking:

  • Sponsorships, advertising, and merchandising (visibility includes television, internet, and other special events)
  • Monetary gifts and sponsorships from corporations and individuals
  • Equipment such as cameras, video equipment, and rental vehicles

Your investment will pay off as the sport and its athletes work together with Crediton & District Swimming Club to increase both awareness and visibility of our club and your organization. We pledge to work individually with each sponsor in order to develop a strategy which allows the sponsor to see prominent returns on their investment, while developing a long term goal of growth for our sport.

Please contact us for more information.