Devon Masters 2014

September 23rd, 2014

Junior swimmers step up to Seniors and medal at Devon Championships

Two of the older club swimmers (Daniel Mather and Chelsea Pincott) moved up to the senior level and won 5 medals between them giving the Crediton team of 5 (including Matt Hockin, Emma Hockin and Darren Beer) 13 medals in total. The outstanding swims of the day belonging to Chelsea who won the 100m Backstroke from a strong field and Daniel PBing in the 100m Freestyle to come second. He also won second in the 100m IM, while Chelsea came third in the Freestyle events.

Matt and Emma had a small disruption to their training prior to this event by getting married (congratulations to them both), followed by a honeymoon and then to top it off – they moved into their own house the day before the gala. Emma nearly broke her toe in the warm up, but this did not deter them from putting down the markers for the forthcoming Nationals in October with Matt winning all three of his swims (50m Fly, 50m and 100m Freestyle) and Emma winning a silver in the 50m Breaststroke. Darren won three of his four races and finished off with a season’s best in the 200m Freestyle.

Daniel 100m FC 1:04.04 (2nd), 100m IM 1:17.97 (2nd)
Chelsea 100m BK 1:21.00 (1st), 100m FC 1:14.65 (3rd), 50m FC 33.32 (3rd)
Matt 50m Fly 33.62 (1st), 50m FC 28.84 (1st), 100m FC 1:04.24 (1st)
Emma 50m BR 39.13 (2nd), 50m FC 31.44
Darren 50m BR 36.05 (1st), 50m Fly 31.18 (2nd), 100m IM 1:11.23 (1st), 200m FC 2:17.58 (1st)

Devon County Development Gala 2014 – Session 1

July 12th, 2014

Day 1 – As I walked up to the Life Centre I met with Katherine Prosser and her dad then Andrew Millar followed shortly by Erin Johnson and her mum.  Nervously they followed me to get changed and onto poolside.  Hannah Jones and dad then found us then finally Tom Stoyle.


Warm ups completed, Katherine and Erin were first to swim, then Hannah in the 200 Breaststroke.  All gained PBs – Hannah missing 3rd position by 1 second but she did do a 6 second PB.  Tom swam a 9 second PB in the 200 Backstroke and Hannah a 4 second PB in the 100 Freestyle.


We had some amazing swims and everyone did at least one pb and came away with 3 silver medals and l bronze.  James Hudson missed gold on his 100m Breaststroke by 0.02 of  a second having already swum 1500m.


Times were as follows:

Erin Johnson – 100 m Fly 1.54.78, 200 m Breaststroke 4.05.45

Katherine Prosser – 200m Backstroke 3.55.26, 200m Breaststroke 4.31.16

Andrew Millar  – 200m Breaststroke 3.49.36, 100m Freestyle 1.29.53, 200m Freestyle 3.05.10, 100m Breaststroke 1.49.11

Hannah Jones – 100m Freestyle 1.20.06, 100m IM 1.28.70, 200m Breaststroke 3.24.25 (4th), 100m Breaststroke 1.37.00 n(2nd)

James Hudson – 1500m Freestyle 21.38.13 (3rd), 100m IM 1.19.09, 100m Breaststroke 1.25.21 (2nd)

Jacob Allman – 100m IM 1.36.01, 200m Freestyle 3.08.37, 100m Breaststroke 1.43.11

Darcey Boyce – 400m Freestyle 6.27.55 (2nd), 200m IM 3.17.96 (4th), 100m IM 1.36.80, 200m Freestyle 3.03.23

Rianna Pincott – 200m Freestyle 3.50.45

Lettie Cowling – 400m Freestyle 6.01.39 (4th) 200m IM 3.33.56

Visit to Plymouth Life Centre for Training and Ice Skating

July 12th, 2014

What an excellent day this was. A trip to the pool for a training session followed by ice skating. Around 50 swimmers and three swimming coaches made the journey down – A big thank you to all the coaches (Jane, Jenny and Ian) that volunteered their time to make the training session possible. For those that have not been to the centre it is a formidable sight walking out on to poolside to see a 50m X 25m 10 lane pool, with a small pool at one end and a 25m diving pit at the other.  The training session was soon under way with more than half the pool being used by Crediton and this was a great spectacle seeing 50 club swimmers of all ages ploughing up and down to a specially devised set by Jane B. The international diving blocks were well utilised for one of the sets and practice towards the end, but the hardest bit of the set was trying to get out of the pool at each end – especially for some of us older swimmers. Some of the swimmers enjoyed it so much they wanted to keep going, but after an hour it was time to change and refuel for the ice skating. We had the ice skating rink to ourselves, so boots on, and off everyone went so elegantly around the rink…………..well, maybe two or three, the rest were clinging on to each other or the wall. Once the penguins and polar bears were out (not real ones) people became more and more confident and let go of each other and skated. The confidence did come at a price – knee, head, elbow injuries and any other part of the body that came into contact with the ice, wall or another person. By the end everyone was skating and laughing, even Ian J showed us his skills on the ice. There was a great atmosphere in the rink, which carried on coming home on the coach, except for some so called singing at the back of the bus. I also have to say everyone was so well behaved, including the adults and were a credit to the club, bring on the next one.


Pictures to follow.



Ross on Wye Masters Meet

June 24th, 2014

The Masters of Crediton & District Swimming Club went to Ross-on-Wye for the  Cinderfords birthday bash competition. The team of Rob Brimacombe, Darren Beer and Matt Hockin came away with 5 overall event wins. Darren and Rob also won their age groups by gaining the most points from their swims and Matt came 2nd in his age group. The team won 3 pots of chutney for all their hard work. Well done team!Wales Masters

Volunteers Week

June 10th, 2014

The week of the 1st-7th June was National Volunteers Week and Crediton & District Swimming Club would like to recognise and thank all the marvellous volunteers involved in its running for their hard work and time.  The club has been running for 12 years and now has well over 100 members who can train up to five times a week, under the superb Head Coach, Jane Brimacombe and Assistant Coach Martin Williams.

The current Chairman, Rob Brimacombe has worked relentlessly to produce a club with not only an exemplary training programme but also a fun, social side too.  (This weekend club members had the opportunity to train in the 50m pool in Plymouth and then ice skate afterwards).

The club, however, could not function without the dedication of its volunteers who, more often than not, work tirelessly   behind the scenes giving their time,  expertise and support.  So a big thank you, always felt, but perhaps not often enough said to :-

Rob Brimacombe – Chairman

Sinead Partridge  - Secretary

Claire Slee – Treasurer

Ian Jones – Welfare Officer

Pam Bedford – PR Officer

Darren Beer – Competition Secretary

Louise Peters – Fundraising Officer

Helen Frost – Equipment Secretary

Jane Brimacombe – Head Coach

Martin Williams – Assistant Coach

Peter Brewer – Trophy Secretary

Matthew Hockin – Membership Secretary

Jenny Wood – Committee Member

Stephen Laird – Committee Member

Pam Penny – Committee Member

Jenny Sanders – Volunteer Co-ordinator

Andy Cole and Chris Furze – Lifesaving Instructors

Chris Mann  - Coach

We also have a number of young volunteers who give their time and energy coaching on poolside whilst completing  The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme .  We are always grateful for their hard work and enthusiasm.

Jenny Sanders, Volunteer Co-ordinator


Exmouth Club Gala – 17th May 2014

May 29th, 2014

Crediton swimmers swim personal bests at Exmouth

There were some excellent swims at Exmouth with 75% of the races swam in personal best times. Crediton were pitched against Exmouth A+B and Sid Vale, with Exmouth swimming at Western League Level 2, so the club did well finishing just behind the other two. Crediton did win 4 races, with Andrew Millar in the 100m FS, James Hudson in the 100m BR, James Mann in the 100m BR and Chelsea Pincott in the 100m BK. There were plenty of other notable swims, but looking through the list of swimmers everyone did the club proud. The younger members knocked 10-15 seconds off some of their PBs. Quite a few swam strokes and distances they would not normally compete at. Some swam with illnesses and injuries. Others swam one or even two age groups above and some swam even when they really did not want to be there but what they all did was swim for the team.

Also, a big thank you; to the parents for getting them there and cheering the team on, those that helped from poolside organising the swimmers, coaching and giving encouragement and the swimmers themselves for putting in the effort.


From l-r: Darren, James H, Dylan, Anton, Ian, Cameron, Charlie, Tom, Chelsea, Andrew, James M, Sara, Darcy, Amber, Grace, Hannah, Julie-Anne, Georgia, Brooklynne, Rachel, Abbie, Martin and Jane Not pictured: Sue, Jake, Daniel, Lucy, Lettie and Kathryn

From l-r: Darren, James H, Dylan, Anton, Ian, Cameron, Charlie, Tom, Chelsea, Andrew, James M, Sara, Darcy, Amber, Grace, Hannah, Julie-Anne, Georgia, Brooklynne, Rachel, Abbie, Martin and Jane
Not pictured: Sue, Jake, Daniel, Lucy, Lettie and Kathryn

Cornwall Masters Championships 2014

May 29th, 2014

This is the first time Devon swimmers have been offered to swim at the Cornwall Masters held in Bodmin, so it was a great opportunity to swim at another county gala and being so close to home. The four regulars of Emma Power, Matt Hockin, Rob Brimacombe and Darren Beer made the trip down in order that they complete their decathlon competition swims to see where they rank nationally a third through the year. To do so each of the gents had to swim 400m Freestyle and Rob had to also swim the 100m Breaststroke for his 10 swims. At the time of writing there are no published results but it looks as is the three (of a maximum 4 man team) will have achieved 10500 points, which will put them in the top 15 and hopefully keep them in the top 50 by the end of the year.

Darren, Rob, Emma and Matt at Cornwall Masters

Darren, Rob, Emma and Matt at Cornwall Masters

All four swimmers stamped their mark on Cornwall by swimming for gold in at least one event with the team just missing out on the cup for best visiting Devon club. Highlight of the event was seeing all three men swim in the fastest heat of the 400m freestyle. Darren was 2nd overall, achieving a lifetime best of 4:48.18, just outside the Western Counties record. Matt came in 3rd with an 18 month personal best of 5:06.65 and Rob followed in 5th in 5:24.64 for his first swim at this distance for some years. Rob also swam to a 2nd place overall in a masters PB in the 100m Breaststroke (1:21.70). Darren rounded the day up with a meet win in the 200m Individual Medley (2:33.66).

STOP PRESS: 10633 points amassed put the team 12th in the UK.

Exmouth Gala May 2014: Times

May 29th, 2014


Times swam at the Exmouth gala on May 17th 2014 can be downloaded below:

Exmouth Times May 2014

C&DSC Time Trials May 2014

May 29th, 2014


Results from the May time trials can be downloaded below:

Time Trials May 2014

Time Trials

April 29th, 2014

In preparation for the Development Galas there will be time trials held on the dates below. This will also allow swimmers to gain confidence and experience to enter future competitions.

  • Sunday 4th May: 200m IM and 200m Backstroke
  • Wednesday 7th May: 200m Freestyle and 200m Breastroke