Exmouth Rosette Gala May 2015

May 25th, 2015

Times from the Exmouth Rosette Gala May 2015 are below:

2015 05 -Exmouth Rosette Gala

Royal Navy Masters 2015

May 5th, 2015

Not on its usual weekend during the end of March, the 10th Royal Navy Meet at Millfield on Sunday 3rd May was busy meet but not as busy as usual as many swimmers swam less events this year. One of the draws of the Navy Masters is winning one of their mugs for the most points in each age….more about that later.

The usual Crediton contingency of Matt, Emma, Rob and Darren (come on Ian) made their way to the pool for the day’s swimming. There was a little shock before the start when Darren looked at the start sheet to find his name missing except for the 100m backstroke, which soon woke him up from his slumber and straight to the recorders desk to rectify the issue……..in hindsight it might have been better to have not said anything as he was placed in a gap in the fastest heat of the 100m butterfly against swimmers swimming close to a minute. It was also discovered that Matt, Rob and Darren were in the same heat of the sprint freestyle events. Matt kicked off the day in the 400m freestyle maintaining his time from the previous two years and adding his 9th swim to the decathlon competition and in doing so boosted his individual and team points. Darren could put his feet up as smugly, he had already completed his events at the previous meet and achieving his highest position at this stage of the year in the GB ranking system……but there are still a few points to be gained. Throughout the morning session all four swimmers swam various events including; the 100m butterfly, 50m breaststroke, 50m freestyle and the 100m individual medley. Emma swam her two events gaining medals in both, while the gents picked up five medals between them.

Navy 2015

Following a long break and warm-up it was back in the pool again for the afternoon session……..but already thoughts were on what and where to eat after the meet. Due to the distance event being swum first the rest of the events were condensed into one and a half hours, which was very hard for Darren as he had to swim three 100s and a 50, with three of these back to back. The other swimmers swam two more culminating with the men’s 100m freestyle, with Matt and Darren side by side and Rob at the other side of the pool and so was unable to gauge the others……..and so it ended Darren 1st, followed by Matt and then Rob – The same order as the 50m freestyle from the morning session.

Darren then won his customary raffle prize (with his own money this time) and then the anticipation of the mug winners. Darren, using his mathematical background was certain of the big prize by swimming 7 events and winning 6 medals. What he did not reckon on was another swimmer in his age group swimming 11 events!!

The medal haul for the day was 13, including 4 winners medals. The evening was spent eating and talking ‘shop’, looking where to improve those times and add points to the individual/team decathlon competition………and after much thinking a radical thought came to mind………….more training required!

Gloucester Masters Open Meet

April 28th, 2015

The Gloucester Masters is one of the bigger open meets on the masters calendar with nearly 200 swimmers competing and is also a rare chance for (some) us to swim some of the longer distances. The medal haul was 10 from the 3 swimmers – Matt Hockin, Emma Hockin and Darren Beer. These were given back for the charity chosen by Gloucester Masters.

Gloucester 2015

Matt won medals in the 200m freestyle and 100m backstroke but his best swim was a 32 second 50m butterfly. Emma won 4 medals including a great second half comeback in the 100m individual medley to win her age group, and just outside 30 seconds in the 50m freestyle. Darren won 4 medals including a PB in the first event of the day, the 400m freestyle in 4.47. This was then rather foolishly followed by another 400m swim, the individual medley – but it was a win and a championship record in under 5.20. The afternoon was spent trying to swim the 200m freestyle followed by the first 100m backstroke in a couple of years.

The North Devon Mini League Series 2015

March 17th, 2015


Unfortunately we were unable to field a team at the first mini league of the year as several of the younger swimmers were already competing in Dawlish.

The 3rd leg of the North Devon Mini League took place on Sunday 15th March. Much improvement on the previous gala (especially with the big guns swimming!). We came a clear 3rd beating Tiverton by loads and even pushing Barnstaple for 2nd place. I must say thank you at all those who supported this – especially those that jumped in at the last minute. Hopefully I have remembered the right people – Mrs Scarborough for selling the programmes and supplying some goods for the raffle, Mrs Mather for the tannoy announcements and Jenny for getting in and doing some swims.

The 4th leg of the Mini League was unfortunately cancelled due to lack of swimmers from two of the other clubs.

Mini League 15th March Results

March 15th, 2015

Times for Crediton swimmers at the Mini League held on 15th March 2015.

Mini League 15.03.15 Results

Devon Sprints 2015

March 12th, 2015

Times from Crediton swimmers at the Devon Sprints held on 8th March 2015.

Devon Sprints 2015

Devon Sprints

March 12th, 2015

IMG_0554On Sunday 8th March, 16 swimmers entered the Devon Sprint Gala at the Plymouth Life Centre. This was the biggest turn out ever for Crediton. Two of the older club swimmers (James Hudson and Chelsea Pincott) managed to bag five medals between them. This was exceptional for Chelsea as this was her first year in the open ladies category. All the other swimmers managed many PB’s between them and carrying the momentum on, following the Dartmoor Meet a month or so back. For those that have not been this is a massive event with up to 50 swimmers in a one year age group, even the younger swimmers coped well with the pressure and were not fazed by the occasion. The swimmers were a credit to the club and learnt a lot from the experience.

British Gas Swim Wales Masters Championship 2015

March 8th, 2015

The Welsh Masters took place over the weekend of the 7th and 8th March with only me representing the club. I was not completely on my own as Sue travelled up with me to visit our daughter Abbie at Swansea University – They even managed to watch one race. Although it was not a well turned out meet, the swimmers that did swim were some of the fastest in the country in their respective age groups. One of those being Jane Asher swimming 6.52 for 400m freestyle at the age of 84 – Time yourself sometime and see how it compares?

Welsh 2015

This event was swum long course (50m), so was good to gain some times for future meets. I swam 5 events with 5 wins including 3 Pbs and 2 new swims, so very pleased with the weekend of swimming. Highlights included swimming 2.34.94 in the 200m individual medley and gaining 3rd in all ages and winning the 200m breaststroke on the touch against the field in 2.53.77.

Presentation Evening 2015

January 21st, 2015

Well Done Swimmers!

On Saturday, 17th January Crediton & District Swimming Club held their Annual Presentation Evening. The Club Championships were held back in November 2014 and the prizes were presented for the events together with the Special Annual awards. The event was very well attended and a Disco was held afterwards for all to enjoy.

Awards were presented as follows :-
Age Group Trophies –
Boys 10 & Under – 1st James Dodge, 2nd James Horwell
Girls 10 & Under – 1st Laura Cooper, 2nd Katherine Prosser, 3rd Bryer Shears, Medal Winners were Millie Crosby, Chloe Sibley, Ella Grigg, Thanushri Manoharan, Katie Baptiste, Maya Vaughan, Mala Fawsett, Rhianna Pincott, Megan Wallace
Boys 11 years – 1st Jem Fawssett, 2nd Edward Overton
Girls 11 years – 1st Freya Jones, 2nd Bryony Wood, 3rd Chloe Eyles
Boys 12 years – 1st Nathaniel Scarborough, 2nd Mattie Horwell, 3rd Isaac Coven, Medal Winners were Joseph Dodge, Laurie Walker, Tom Reader
Girls 12 years – 1st Josie Sanders, 2nd Cydney Mackenzie, 3rd Lucy Pincombe, Medal Winners were Samantha Bulled, Sacha Manners
Boys 13 years – 1st Jake Allman, 2nd Andrew Millar, 3rd Tom Stoyle, Medal winner was Callum Sibley
Girls 13 years – 1st Hannah Jones, 2nd Lettie Cowling, 3rd Julie-Anne Hooper, Medal Winners were Emma Daly, Victoria Cordwent, Morgan Wallace
Boys 14 years – 1st James Hudson, 2nd Tom Mann, 3rd Sam Scoughall-Knight
Girls 14 years – 1st Grace Newport-Tucker, 2nd Rebecca Mather, 3rd Miryam Ley
Girls 15 years – 1st Chelsea Pincott
Boys 16 & 17 years – 1st Daniel Mather, 2nd Charlie Newport-Tucker
Girls 16 & 17 years – Verity Potts
Mens Seniors & Masters – 1st Darren Beer, 2nd Matt Hocking, 3rd Rob Brimacombe, Medal Winner was Ian Jones
Ladies Seniors and Masters – 1st Emma Hocking, 2nd Sara Rolle
Mens Adults – 1st Neil Potts
Ladies Adults – 1st Laura Bowyer

Special Trophies
Boys 14 & Under 1500m – 1st James Hudson
Girls 14 & Under 800m – 1st Rebecca Mather
Verrier Trophy – Relay Team – 1st Daniel Mather, Ben Limon, Lucy Pincombe, Jess Hanneman
Lifesaving Award – Caroline Quick and Jenny Sanders
Male Swimmer of the Quarter – Nathaniel Scarborough
Female Swimmer of the Quarter – Hannah Jones
Development Squad Swimmer of the year – Thanushri Manoharan
Junior Squad – Swimmer of the Year – Cydney Mackenzie
Masters Squad Swimmer of the Year – Daniel Mather
Male Most Improved Swimmer – Jake Allman
Female Most Improved Swimmer – Chloe Eyles
Chairman’s Award – Andy Coles and Christine Furze

Dartmoor Sprint Meet

January 21st, 2015

The 1st Dartmoor Junior Sprint Meet 2015

The meet was attended by a few visiting clubs from the area and was steady, fair, friendly and an ideal first Open Meet for many of the swimmers. It was run by Okehampton and Tavistock at Parklands Leisure Centre in Okehampton .
They all swam really well. Andrew Millar was on his own first session as Lettie was poorly and swam close to his personal best times.
Second session was Ella, Laura, Katherine and Nathaniel. All swam really well with lots of pb’s and all medalled with the girls winning one a piece in three different strokes, which will bode well for future relays. Nathaniel amassed three medals from his afternoon of swimming, all in personal best times.
James, Chloe, Grace and Rebecca swam in the third and last session of the day. James won silver in the 100m IM, even though his time was down due to earlier, playing a hard game of football! Grace, and Rebecca swam well, but the Tavistock girls were just a bit stronger. Chloe excelled by winning medals of all colours, but was disappointed she didn’t pb on her last race (freestyle) even though she won convincingly!
Jane B was able to keep an eye on all swimmers as she was the stroke judge for all 3 sessions on the same side as the swimmers were sitting and was really pleased by the performance of all the Crediton swimmers – Well done.

Name 50m FL 50m BK 50m BR 50m FS 100m IM
Andrew M 51.28 46.20 50.64 39.56 1.40.60
Laura C 50.95 37.43
Ella G 55.81 51.68 51.43 44.84 1.48.45
Katherine P 44.99 57.80 44.17
Nathaniel S 46.78 46.54 55.14 39.57
Grace NT 40.28 35.18 130.40
Rebecca M 47.22 36.27
James H 1.16.05
Chloe E 44.20 36.76 1.36.29