Presentation Evening 2015

January 21st, 2015

Well Done Swimmers!

On Saturday, 17th January Crediton & District Swimming Club held their Annual Presentation Evening. The Club Championships were held back in November 2014 and the prizes were presented for the events together with the Special Annual awards. The event was very well attended and a Disco was held afterwards for all to enjoy.

Awards were presented as follows :-
Age Group Trophies –
Boys 10 & Under – 1st James Dodge, 2nd James Horwell
Girls 10 & Under – 1st Laura Cooper, 2nd Katherine Prosser, 3rd Bryer Shears, Medal Winners were Millie Crosby, Chloe Sibley, Ella Grigg, Thanushri Manoharan, Katie Baptiste, Maya Vaughan, Mala Fawsett, Rhianna Pincott, Megan Wallace
Boys 11 years – 1st Jem Fawssett, 2nd Edward Overton
Girls 11 years – 1st Freya Jones, 2nd Bryony Wood, 3rd Chloe Eyles
Boys 12 years – 1st Nathaniel Scarborough, 2nd Mattie Horwell, 3rd Isaac Coven, Medal Winners were Joseph Dodge, Laurie Walker, Tom Reader
Girls 12 years – 1st Josie Sanders, 2nd Cydney Mackenzie, 3rd Lucy Pincombe, Medal Winners were Samantha Bulled, Sacha Manners
Boys 13 years – 1st Jake Allman, 2nd Andrew Millar, 3rd Tom Stoyle, Medal winner was Callum Sibley
Girls 13 years – 1st Hannah Jones, 2nd Lettie Cowling, 3rd Julie-Anne Hooper, Medal Winners were Emma Daly, Victoria Cordwent, Morgan Wallace
Boys 14 years – 1st James Hudson, 2nd Tom Mann, 3rd Sam Scoughall-Knight
Girls 14 years – 1st Grace Newport-Tucker, 2nd Rebecca Mather, 3rd Miryam Ley
Girls 15 years – 1st Chelsea Pincott
Boys 16 & 17 years – 1st Daniel Mather, 2nd Charlie Newport-Tucker
Girls 16 & 17 years – Verity Potts
Mens Seniors & Masters – 1st Darren Beer, 2nd Matt Hocking, 3rd Rob Brimacombe, Medal Winner was Ian Jones
Ladies Seniors and Masters – 1st Emma Hocking, 2nd Sara Rolle
Mens Adults – 1st Neil Potts
Ladies Adults – 1st Laura Bowyer

Special Trophies
Boys 14 & Under 1500m – 1st James Hudson
Girls 14 & Under 800m – 1st Rebecca Mather
Verrier Trophy – Relay Team – 1st Daniel Mather, Ben Limon, Lucy Pincombe, Jess Hanneman
Lifesaving Award – Caroline Quick and Jenny Sanders
Male Swimmer of the Quarter – Nathaniel Scarborough
Female Swimmer of the Quarter – Hannah Jones
Development Squad Swimmer of the year – Thanushri Manoharan
Junior Squad – Swimmer of the Year – Cydney Mackenzie
Masters Squad Swimmer of the Year – Daniel Mather
Male Most Improved Swimmer – Jake Allman
Female Most Improved Swimmer – Chloe Eyles
Chairman’s Award – Andy Coles and Christine Furze

Dartmoor Sprint Meet

January 21st, 2015

The 1st Dartmoor Junior Sprint Meet 2015

The meet was attended by a few visiting clubs from the area and was steady, fair, friendly and an ideal first Open Meet for many of the swimmers. It was run by Okehampton and Tavistock at Parklands Leisure Centre in Okehampton .
They all swam really well. Andrew Millar was on his own first session as Lettie was poorly and swam close to his personal best times.
Second session was Ella, Laura, Katherine and Nathaniel. All swam really well with lots of pb’s and all medalled with the girls winning one a piece in three different strokes, which will bode well for future relays. Nathaniel amassed three medals from his afternoon of swimming, all in personal best times.
James, Chloe, Grace and Rebecca swam in the third and last session of the day. James won silver in the 100m IM, even though his time was down due to earlier, playing a hard game of football! Grace, and Rebecca swam well, but the Tavistock girls were just a bit stronger. Chloe excelled by winning medals of all colours, but was disappointed she didn’t pb on her last race (freestyle) even though she won convincingly!
Jane B was able to keep an eye on all swimmers as she was the stroke judge for all 3 sessions on the same side as the swimmers were sitting and was really pleased by the performance of all the Crediton swimmers – Well done.

Name 50m FL 50m BK 50m BR 50m FS 100m IM
Andrew M 51.28 46.20 50.64 39.56 1.40.60
Laura C 50.95 37.43
Ella G 55.81 51.68 51.43 44.84 1.48.45
Katherine P 44.99 57.80 44.17
Nathaniel S 46.78 46.54 55.14 39.57
Grace NT 40.28 35.18 130.40
Rebecca M 47.22 36.27
James H 1.16.05
Chloe E 44.20 36.76 1.36.29

Shrewsbury Masters Meet 2015

January 21st, 2015

‘Three swimmers win cooler bags’

Shrewsbury Masters Open Meet – 10th January 2015

This is now a regular in the calendar for the Crediton swimmers along with around 130 swimmers from other clubs – Third year in a row, and is always a great start to the year that puts us on track for the rest of the year. It took a little more effort to get there this year as it was a normal work week so the travel up was late into the evening with Darren meeting them at Bristol after travelling back from Swansea. We arrived at the second choice hotel, well the cheapest one that could be booked that day, which was in the middle of nowhere. After arriving late in the evening it dawned on Rob and Darren that they were going to have to ‘top and tail’ before the management stepped in and found another room with an extra bed. Not the best planning for a day of intensive swimming.
The format, as always, is to swim 5 races, 1 of each stroke at 1 of the 3 distances (25m, 50m or 100m) and a 100m individual medley. The biggest competition of the day was between Matt and Rob who were working out the permutations of who would come out on top, with Rob beating Matt in the 100m IM and Matt beating Rob in the 50m freestyle, but at the end of the day Matt piped Rob by 1 point for 2nd with Rob 3rd. Emma just missed out on a cooler bag by 1 point and Darren came 2nd 1 point behind the winner with only 3/100ths of a second the difference. The wins were as follows; Rob 1, Emma 1, Matt 2 and Darren 4 and of these wins Darren swam 2 personal bests in the 100m IM and by 1 second in the 100m breaststroke.
Matt: 100m Fly (1:18.86.), 100m Breaststroke (1.33.88), 100m IM (1:17.22), 50m Backstroke (35.79), 50m Freestyle (28.60).
Emma: 100m IM (1:20.78), 50m Freestyle (32.12), 25m Backstroke (19.08), 50m Fly (36.52), 50m Breaststroke (40.17).
Rob: 50m Fly (31.61), 50m Breaststroke (35.64), 100m IM (1:15.13), 100m Backstroke (1:17.41), 50m Freestyle (28.80).
Darren: 100m Fly (1:10.18), 100m Breaststroke (1:16.69), 100m IM (1:09.85), 50m Backstroke (34.23), 100m Freestyle (1:02.93).
shrewsbury masters 2015

Presentation Evening

December 20th, 2014


Christmas Training

December 11th, 2014

Sunday 14th December: 19:00 -Verier 800m & 1500m swim

Wednesday 17th December: 19:00 -Verier Relay Trophy

Last session

Saturday 20th December:

16:00 1st hours Inflatable session

17:00 other hours Inflatable session

18:00 Swimming Training session

Tuesday 30th December: 06:00 swim session

Friday 2nd January: 06:00 swim session

Swimming returns to normal on Sunday 4th January.

ASA Masters National Championships 2014

November 15th, 2014

British Gas ASA National Masters & Senior Age Group Championships 1 24th – 26th October 2014

Crediton & District Swimming Club now has a National Champion amongst its ranks

The weekend is the pinnacle of the masters swimming calendar. It is the culmination of all the training, ploughing up and down the pool, and covering thousands of metres in the pursuit of great times and results. This year, one of the coaches in particular (Martin), used his experience and invested time in changing and developing the strokes, so we were ready and in the right condition to perform on the big stage and what a weekend it turned out to be.

Three of the four travelling swimmers were not 100%, although each recorded season’s bests in their speciality strokes and distances. Rob was still recovering from a rib injury, while Matt and Emma have had a very busy year getting married and moving into their own home in Exeter. They were great support throughout the weekend, even when I had lost my van keys and had to diversify so that Rob and I returned home safely. One of the things I will take away from the weekend is the support we have for each other; before, during and after racing (in the pub) and this was backed up by the Devon fraternity, including many from Exmouth and a few from Totnes and Tiverton who would watch and encourage each swim we swam.

Back to the swimming and the weekend it turned out to be. By the end of day I won two bronze medals in the 200m Butterfly (2.37.31) in a season’s best and the 200m Breaststroke (2.45.95), 4 seconds inside my personal best.
By the end of day 2 I added gold after a slow start in the 100m Butterfly in the morning, followed by a determined 50m Freestyle (27.70) in a time not achieved for 6 years. It was during the evening that I swam my swim of the nationals in the 400m Individual Medley. With my nearest rival next to me going out and leading the first 200, I had to dig deep and came back and won by 5 seconds – My first ever gold at the nationals. After fuelling up and some sleep we were back at the pool on Sunday morning for day 3 and the 200m Freestyle. By now my body was falling apart but spurred on by the win the previous day I swam another lifetime PB (2.14.24). The last swim of the meet was the 200m IM, where I came 4th last year and I knew another PB was required to win a medal, and a PB was recorded (2.28.43), which gave me a silver medal. I finished the championships with 5 PBs and 4 medals – I was chuffed.
IMG_2107 (1280x960)IMG_2102IMG_2094 (1280x960)

Club Championships 2014

October 31st, 2014


Club championship entry forms have been released and are available on the noticeboard or are attached below. Times must be entered for each event (check the results section on the website if you haven’t been writing times in your log book). Entries must be in by the 16th November with the £5 fee.

Remember that we have made a change to trophies this year with the top 3 points scores receiving a trophy in each age group (see the most recent newsletter for details [please e-mail if you haven’t had it). All participants will receive a medal at the presentation evening on Saturday 17th January 2015.

We expect all members of C&DSC to enter the club championships as this is the perfect environment to practice the skills learnt in training and experience competitive swimming.

Club Champs Entry Form 2014

Crediton Gala 18.10.2014

October 23rd, 2014

Well done to everyone who swam in the home gala. Please update your log books as loads of PBs were swam.


Attached are all the times swam at the competition: Crediton Gala 18th October 2014


Devon Masters 2014

September 23rd, 2014

Junior swimmers step up to Seniors and medal at Devon Championships

Two of the older club swimmers (Daniel Mather and Chelsea Pincott) moved up to the senior level and won 5 medals between them giving the Crediton team of 5 (including Matt Hockin, Emma Hockin and Darren Beer) 13 medals in total. The outstanding swims of the day belonging to Chelsea who won the 100m Backstroke from a strong field and Daniel PBing in the 100m Freestyle to come second. He also won second in the 100m IM, while Chelsea came third in the Freestyle events.

Matt and Emma had a small disruption to their training prior to this event by getting married (congratulations to them both), followed by a honeymoon and then to top it off – they moved into their own house the day before the gala. Emma nearly broke her toe in the warm up, but this did not deter them from putting down the markers for the forthcoming Nationals in October with Matt winning all three of his swims (50m Fly, 50m and 100m Freestyle) and Emma winning a silver in the 50m Breaststroke. Darren won three of his four races and finished off with a season’s best in the 200m Freestyle.

Daniel 100m FC 1:04.04 (2nd), 100m IM 1:17.97 (2nd)
Chelsea 100m BK 1:21.00 (1st), 100m FC 1:14.65 (3rd), 50m FC 33.32 (3rd)
Matt 50m Fly 33.62 (1st), 50m FC 28.84 (1st), 100m FC 1:04.24 (1st)
Emma 50m BR 39.13 (2nd), 50m FC 31.44
Darren 50m BR 36.05 (1st), 50m Fly 31.18 (2nd), 100m IM 1:11.23 (1st), 200m FC 2:17.58 (1st)

Devon County Development Gala 2014 – Session 1

July 12th, 2014

Day 1 – As I walked up to the Life Centre I met with Katherine Prosser and her dad then Andrew Millar followed shortly by Erin Johnson and her mum.  Nervously they followed me to get changed and onto poolside.  Hannah Jones and dad then found us then finally Tom Stoyle.


Warm ups completed, Katherine and Erin were first to swim, then Hannah in the 200 Breaststroke.  All gained PBs – Hannah missing 3rd position by 1 second but she did do a 6 second PB.  Tom swam a 9 second PB in the 200 Backstroke and Hannah a 4 second PB in the 100 Freestyle.


We had some amazing swims and everyone did at least one pb and came away with 3 silver medals and l bronze.  James Hudson missed gold on his 100m Breaststroke by 0.02 of  a second having already swum 1500m.


Times were as follows:

Erin Johnson – 100 m Fly 1.54.78, 200 m Breaststroke 4.05.45

Katherine Prosser – 200m Backstroke 3.55.26, 200m Breaststroke 4.31.16

Andrew Millar  – 200m Breaststroke 3.49.36, 100m Freestyle 1.29.53, 200m Freestyle 3.05.10, 100m Breaststroke 1.49.11

Hannah Jones – 100m Freestyle 1.20.06, 100m IM 1.28.70, 200m Breaststroke 3.24.25 (4th), 100m Breaststroke 1.37.00 n(2nd)

James Hudson – 1500m Freestyle 21.38.13 (3rd), 100m IM 1.19.09, 100m Breaststroke 1.25.21 (2nd)

Jacob Allman – 100m IM 1.36.01, 200m Freestyle 3.08.37, 100m Breaststroke 1.43.11

Darcey Boyce – 400m Freestyle 6.27.55 (2nd), 200m IM 3.17.96 (4th), 100m IM 1.36.80, 200m Freestyle 3.03.23

Rianna Pincott – 200m Freestyle 3.50.45

Lettie Cowling – 400m Freestyle 6.01.39 (4th) 200m IM 3.33.56